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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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drinking sodas mixed with alcohol. >> there is a vodka bottle. >> police say her mother found her unconscious on her bed yesterday morning, she died at the hospital. a survey show there's is a growing alcohol problem among students at younger ages. and each school is now reaching out to students. >> these discussions are held about drugs and alcohol uses and making healthy choices. >> but this 14-year-old says there is a lot of drinking. >> it's everywhere. kids are drinking and real under aged, like just 13 years old. >> isabel says she's careful at parties. >> i friends that cringe drink. very to bring my own water or only drink water. >> making sure nobody spikes it? >> yeah. >> and there are other three
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girls tleeted. and police and school officials want us to remind parents and teenagers that they have to talk to each other. the institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism has a great web site which helps teenagers avoid peer pressure, teaching them about those dangers. vic lee abc 7 news. >> it's a great resource. >> and small amounts of alcohol are dangerous for children 14 and under. that is because their livers are not yet mature, experts say parents can prevent alcohol use by teenagers through clear communication and education about appropriate ways to manage stress and peer pressure. >> police in contra costa county are investigating seconds shooting in less than
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a week in a popular hike trail area. and police searched for clues in the incident. investigators say the teens was playing with a stolen gun around midnight sunday, shooting the firearm randomly as they walk add long the trail. and this 14-year-old male victim was part of the group. last wednesday, a 20-year-old man was shot on the same trail and in may, a man wounded in that trail in a gang-related attack. >> the search continues for an autistic 13-year-old boy who went to sleep at home and when his parents woke up, he was gone. and they have been looking for him in a neighborhood where he lives.
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and his autism makes him difficult to understand when he speaks. he was last seen wearing a black tee shirt and black shorts. >> the fate of the controversial commute taigs of the son of fabian nunez is now in the hands of a judge. state attorney general asked the judge to throw out kaifl complaint file bid the family of 22-year-old luis santos, stabbed to death after being attacked by estoban and three other men, claiming he violated marcy's law. more not notifying him. >> i'm so sad when thinking about how he died. so violent, now i feel he was stab ntd back by politicians after his death. i think that they show -- disrespected skmim our family. we want justice back. >> schwartzeneggar commuted
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his sentence before he left office. >> i read marcy's law and voted for it. and there is nothing makes an indication whatever that the governor's commute taigs powers are altered in anyway, shape, form. >> the judge does not say when she will rule. the case scheduled to go to trial next month. >> big news out of silicon valley cisco confirmed it's going to layoff employees next month. and there is one predicting up to 7% of the new work force. the company recorded about $8 billion in profits last year but has had a series of disappointing earnings reports n a statement, cisco announced it will cut a billion dollars in costs. and the next abc 7 job journal
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hire event is tomorrow from noon until 4:00 at hotel whitcomb. and wallgreens and u.s. mint are among the businesses hiring. >> there is no progress to report tonight in raising america's debt limit. president obama met and the president said he would not agree to a short-term extension to get a deal done. >> this is not going to get easier. it's going to get harder. so... we may as well pull off the band aid. eat our peas. now is the time to do it. if not now, when? >> he says there won't be a deal if republicans won't compromise for ending tax
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breaks for wealthyest american autos american people will not accept in the house cannot pass, a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> and they agreed failure to do so could devastate the economy. >> fears about the global economy hit wall street. stock prices fell and the dow plummeted 151 points. nasdaq dropping 57% and s and p down 24. get this. six stocks fell for everyone that bros roes. >> the traigs -- transportation security administration and fbi investigating a big security breech. someone got a stun gun past airport screeners and on to a plane. and it was discovered in a pocket. airline passengers are shocked
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someone managed to get it through security. >> they won't let you carry makeup? i don't see how snun smun got on with a stun gun. >> and halts off? belts off? that is amazing. >> and fbi says it doesn't appear waits intended to be used in an attack. they say they do not know who brought it on board. >> the chp and caltrans launched a campaign called move over. and they want us to remember state law requires us to slow down in road construction zones or face fines. this is after three caltrans workers were killed in three months. drivers can expect to see more officers in construction zones as well as visual reminders to move over or slow down. in other words a lot of signs. >> coming up... another way to think about the salt in diet
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there. is another nutrient that could neutralize the feekts and we'll have a phone hacking scandal that seems to know no limits, even targeting a prime minister. >> cooling trend just getting started. how low the temperatures will go this week in just a moment. >> and from 7 on your side, new debate over who is permitted to reach the top of the yosemite half dome. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. students and parents could end up paying out a big fine if students cut class and get caught. the city council is considering passing a daytime curfew applying to all students during regular hours f they're not in class and caught in a public place they
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could be fined as much as $500. and this is depending on how many times they've been caught z parents can be fine fd they know their kids skip school. exceptions would apply, if a student was running an errand ordealing with an emergency. >> the former street preacher jentsed for kidnapping and raping elizabeth smart will not appeal his conviction. smart said she was glad brian david mitchell would not fight the sentence saying quote it's nice to seat defense do the right thing for a change. smart was just 14 when mitchell took her from her salt lake city home, rape herd and held her nine months. he had until today to file appeal. >> kidnap victim jaycee dugard's memoir about his -- her kidnapping and 18 years in prison will be released tomorrow she. spoke to diane sawyer in an interview that aired last night. the now 31-year-old was just 11 when abducted from south lake tahoe during her ordeal
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she was repeatedly raped and had two daughters before being identified by a police officer by a staff now, she says she looks forward to maybe falling in love one day. >> i want to find love one day. the kind of love i read about. still want that? >> i don't know. i don't think about it. i'm happy the way my life is now. if it happens it happens. if it doesn't, i'll still be happy. >> but it doesn't seem impossible after what you've been through? >> no. it doesn't seem impossible. >> and part of her therapy is riding and caring for horses. the interview will air again this weekend. you can see it saturday night at 9:00. >> and abc news investigation into tea party favorite michelle bachmann revealed
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surprising information about how she and her husband built their wealth. under cover individual yoi of the christian counciling business tried to turn gay people straight through prayer, you can hear shocking recorded statements tonight on world news with diane saw year new allegations in the hacking standal involving rupert murdock's media holdings including charges of hacking into phones and records of former prime minister gordon brown. shown here on a royal visit. the late yft reports accuse police of accepting bribes from journalists working for different publications owned by murdock's news corporation. the scandal scuffled plans to take over british sky broadcasting. >> i will be focused on clearing a mess there is on news international with problems still coming out. and deal with that and human
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shares and the rest of it. >> this british papers are accused in these charges being made today. >> and an 83-year-old woman got unexpected and inaccurate news from social security. >> they said she was dead. and michael finney is here with the story. >> yes. exactly. >> and the 83-year-old's social security checks stopped arriving in bremerton, washington. she wanted to know why. she asked and the federal government told her she was dead. >> interesting concept. isn't it? when you're walking around in your alive? and doing things we do. >> somehow, her name was included on the list of dead people. and this took a while, but
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things were straight yend out. this is a take home for you. a spokesperson says one out of 200 entries is false. and there is a bill making buying a car in california safer, car dealers have come to an agreement allowing a boost and allowed document fees from $55 to 80s skpdz in return, dealer shipz will check for cars totalled by insurance companies and cars that are found that have been totalled that will be marked with a red tag on the window. document fees are loued because of paper work that goes with the purchase, california has lowest fees in the country. you can negotiate with dealerships. you dmot have to pay at all. and there is pressure on national parks service. the issue?
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half dome. we tomd you permits to climb were being bought and sold by scalpers. actual hikers had all but no chance of getting permits. and officials tightened the process. now one group is saying that is not enough and pushing the mark service to drop the perm kbroit ses altogether z add more capacity and make the climb safer. we have a link to their web site go. to abc 7 and i think this is going to be big. yos sem city like a private park. >> sure. >> there gou. >> thank you. >> and found myself wirk i had a kite. >> summer time in san francisco. >> yes. just windy now z 25-30 miles per hour that. is the cool trind with deep marine layer. we're not done with cooling yet.
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there is a live picture now. there is a marine layer that will continue to deepen incoming days. get used to july gloom. it's not june. it's july gloom we're going to have to contend w temperatures looking like this. they're on the low side. 50s along the coastline. 60s and into 70s. and there is is a concord, 13 degrees lower than just 24 hours ago. san jose down six degrees, taking a look for low clouds overnight. and there is below average temperatures this week. and taking a look at satellite low clouds and drizzle we saw this morning along the coastline was measurable z clouds never cleared.
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as a matter of fact still cloudy skies and there temperatures well below average at this time of the year, we'll see drizzle begin tomorrow morning, not just near coast but around the bay. cloudy skies most of the bay area z there is a is a area of low pressure that continues to deepen. as it continues to deepen, it's deepening our marine layer. it's strengthening that sea breeze. so our cooling trend going to continue throughout the next couple days. and there is a highs for tuesday into south bay, 70 degrees in san jose. much like today. and there is 70 degrees in los altos. remaining cool like today, 56 in pacifica. and downtown san francisco, there is 60 degrees, not
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expecting a lot of sunshine tomorrow. 57 into sunset district. and there is another breezy afternoon. 20 miles per hour winds z into north bay, low 70s for napa and santa rosa. east bay communities there is 68 in castro valley. 74 in fairfield. 77 antioch. take a look at this, danville and dublin, only into upper 60s around the bay. 60 inmont rai. 74 inland in morgan hill. here is a look at acht. -- accu-weather forecast. mid to upper 70s tomorrow, temperatures dropping more, inland numbers into mid-70s wednesday, thursday. and there is thursday, marine layer deepening and remaining on the cool side.
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temperatures inching back up into weekend. it's not until monday that you will see a return to normal with low 90s inland. >> dozens of pro testors have shown up at the san francisco bart station, trying to shut down the station. protesting a fatal shooting there last week by a police officer. and we're live with the story. >> it's sounding like these may be successful in this goal to shut down or there are a number of police officers down in riot gear this, is happening below ground. and pro testers promising to shut down, as you said, the evening commute and there they passed out pamphlets and it's
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illegal for pro testers to climb to zrapt this evening commute. bart they're going to climb and this anger, as you said is stemming from a july 3 shooting here at the civic center station. police received a report of a drunk man wobbling on the platform, one fired within just one minute. police say the victim was armed with a knife and broken bottle. they want an end to the police force. today, in oakland, bart inproduced a police force auditor. he says he's taking this investigation seriously. >> you want to understand the justification for use of deadly force. and this is what should have
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been done and what could have been done better. >> we're trying not pobton passive in front of outragis things occurring to people for no good reason. >> and they say they do intend to shut the commute down. we heard bart officers down there trying to get the situation under control. we'll keep you up to speed with how this is doing at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. >> and there is some developing news in the bay view direct this, is a live picture. you can see a lot of police there now z people are analyzing the scene. police say a truck ran into a light rail vehicle there. it broke a lot of glass. and medics were at the scene assessing condition of two people. we're going to get you more
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information as soon as we can get it and at 6:00 from eye team tonight there is a grand jury blowing the whistle on a program. >> some say it's not been doing its job. doing its job. we'll be right back.............
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one health item to pass along about salt in our diets. >> found those at risk of high blood pressure may be those who eat too little poi tas yum. -- potassium. >> researchers think the potassium rich foods may help neutralize affects of sodium. >> we're getting word intart no longer stopping trains
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because of the protest goesing on there and we'll be right back.
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new tonight at 6:00 environmental impact of hosting america's cup. tonight how the famous race could increase air pollution. and also, how technology under the ground is deciding what you pay to park above ground in some neighborhoods. and the decline and fall of the one cent coin. why a penny saved is a penny wasted for some business owners. its coming up at 6:00. >> and carolyn, thank you. >> there is still time to get a free slurpee and a brain freeze, if you want. >> this is in celebration of the chain's 84th birthday oo. 400 stores are par tis atin ating -- participating in the give away.


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